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Mr. Chase has significant experience litigating complex financial disputes, including complicated disputes relating to accounting issues, financial frauds, contracts, corporate transactions, financial products, and similar matters. Such disputes are differentiated from simpler cases by the complexity of the agreements at issue and the large volume of transactions, documents, and/or parties involved.

Mr. Chase has extensive experience presenting clear and compelling cases in complex financial disputes involving:

  • complicated commercial contracts, including overlapping agreements governing multi-party transactions;
  • large documentary records consisting of thousands or millions of electronic communications such as email and text communications;
  • complex accounting data relating to hundreds or thousands of off-setting transactions, including voluminous securities, commodities, and goods transactions; and
  • extensive use of expert witnesses to testify about complex financial topics, including complicated damages calculations.

Turning Complexity into Simplicity

Critical to Mr. Chase’s success in litigating complex financial disputes is his understanding of accounting, tax, investment, and business concepts and his ability to present these concepts in a manner that is understandable to a judge or jury. Very important in this regard is Mr. Chase’s emphasis on preparing  high quality written submissions in every case that he handles. Complex financial disputes frequently are decided upon written submissions and it is therefore critical to prepare organized, clear, concise, and compelling written submission in any litigation or arbitration. 

If you are an individual or business facing a complex business dispute, please contact Thomas Chase for a free initial consultation about your matter.