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Mr. Chase focuses much of his practice on representing executives and employees transitioning employment.  Mr. Chase represents many clients who are voluntarily or involuntarily terminating their employment and helps them obtain the most favorable separation terms from their former employers.  Mr. Chase regularly advises clients regarding their rights to severance payments, bonuses, commissions or other vested and unvested forms of compensation.  Mr. Chase further advises clients on their obligations to former employers under confidentiality, non-competition, non-solicitation, and other restrictive covenants as well as common law duties. 

Mr. Chase also represents employees during negotiations with their new employers.  Mr. Chase's experience litigating numerous employment disputes gives him highly practical insight into problematic employment terms that should be re-negotiated and employee-favorable terms that should be included in employment agreements.

If you are an employee leaving an old employer or joining a new one, contact Thomas Chase for a free initial consultation about your matter.