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Although an experienced employment litigator, Mr. Chase believes that his most valuable advice in the area of employment law often relates to measures employers can take to avoid litigation in the first place. Mr. Chase regularly advises employers regarding best practices to follow to prevent and minimize costly and time-consuming employment disputes.

With his extensive experience seeing how employment issues play out in court, Mr. Chase has a very practical perspective regarding the best practices that employers should follow to minimize or avoid common employment disputes. Repeatedly, Mr. Chase has represented employers in costly litigation that could have been entirely avoided had the employers simply invested several hours to adopt and follow clear policies and practices in the areas that give rise to the most common types of employment disputes. In employment law, the old axiom that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” remains very applicable. 

If you are an employer seeking to implement the best employment practices for your business, please contact Thomas Chase for a free initial consultation about your needs.