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Mr. Chase has represented numerous employers and employees in employment discrimination claims in state and federal court. Employment discrimination is a dynamic area of the law that is governed by overlapping, inconsistent, and rapidly evolving local, state, and federal statutes. Mr. Chase has handled many claims of:

  • age discrimination
  • racial discrimination
  • gender discrimination
  • sexual harassment
  • disability discrimination/accommodation and  
  • “felony conviction status” discrimination.

Discrimination claims typically are subject to several different state and federal statutes that each have unique elements and defenses. Local, state, and federal laws may grant regulators jurisdiction over claims, impose differing “exhaustion” requirements, and have different statutes of limitation. It is critical to be experienced in this area to ensure that your client is in the best jurisdiction available and is developing the best arguments for advancing its case.

Aggressive Representation -- While Seeing the Big Picture

Probably more than any area of the law, discrimination claims engender passionate emotions among the litigants. Employees believe they have been treated unfairly and suffered significant damage to their professional livelihoods. Employers feel that they are being personally attacked by accusations of prejudice that may be damaging to their reputations. It is a combustible mix of emotions. Mr. Chase has found that the best way to represent clients in this area is to aggressively advocate for his client’s position while encouraging all parties to view the situation dispassionately to reach a mutually amicable resolution. 

If you are an employer or employee dealing with an issue of employment discrimination, contact Thomas Chase for a free initial consultation about your matter.